Introductions of our Chinese courses

Watching these short videos, and get a quick understanding of what our Chinese courses are.

Mandarin Chinese Courses

18 Chinese courses which will transform students from total beginners into fluent Mandarin speakers with substantial cultural knowledge. 

Mandarin Chinese Courses

Little children don't learn Mandarin as a second language. You do.

What you will learn in Chinese Reading and Writing 1

If you have never tried learning Chinese characters, what will you learn in Chinese Reading and Writing 1?

What you will learn in Mandarin Express Intro Level A

Thinking of a new experience? Try an introductory Mandarin course - the Mandarin Express Intro Level A.

Intensive Mandarin

Introducing 4-week Intensive Mandarin Program. Starting as a complete beginner, this four-week Intensive Mandarin Program will enable you to carry on social conversations around ten fundamental topics, and Read and write Chinese texts using 70 characters.

Survival Chinese Course

Get some insightful cultural orientation and be equipped with essential phrases with this 2.5 hours survival Chinese course.


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