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Extra interests related to learning Chinese

Beginner’s Guide to Six Common Chinese Fonts

Learning how to write Chinese? Recognise some common Chinese fonts too!

In this video, April introduces six Chinese fonts, Sim Sun, Song Ti, Hei Ti, Micro Soft Ya Hei, Kai Ti and Fang Song Ti, which are widely used both online and in print. You’ll see how strokes look differently in different Chinese fonts. Chinese characters are cool. Chinese fonts are way cool!

If you prefer reading than watching this video, read the longer version: Beginner’s Guide to Six Common Chinese Fonts.

A step by step procedure of using the “bushou” method to consult a dictionary

This is a step by step demonstration of how to use “bushou” to consult a dictionary when there is an unknown Chinese character. Comparing to using smartphone Apps, this method is slow and complicated even in its best case scenario. 

To understand more about “bushou” and “radicals”, read It is not necessary to spend too much time studying radicals.