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Mandarin Express

Basic Level A

Student's Book

Book Aims

  • Acquire more vocabularies through theme based learning

  • Carry on meaningful conversations in work and life

  • Enhance overall Chinese comprehension

About This Book

This book covers very important topics, such as work schedule, music, trips and neighbourhoods. Highly useful words and phrases are taught to further students’ ability in carrying on more substantial conversations. 

The structure of Mandarin Express Basic Level A includes ten lessons, with each lesson focusing on one topic, two reviews, one for every five lessons, and key vocabularies at the end of the book. This structure makes sure that each topic is treated thoroughly with many opportunities provided for students to listen and to speak Mandarin. Designated time and space are reserved for students to go over the previous lessons and link them together coherently. 

Day-to-day business content is at the centre of the first two lessons, teaching practical language which can be applied in a Mandarin speaking working environment. Moreover, starting from Lesson six in this book, one short and interesting story is incorporated into each lesson as a reading exercise to enhance the students’ overall Chinese comprehension.

Book Details

ISBN: 978-988-13662-4-5
Author: Zhang Xuehong
Edition: 2nd Edition Updated Version 2020
Pages: 62
Audio: 1 CD (32 min)


Chinese Textbook
Foundation Stage

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