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Chinese Course -
Mandarin Express Intro Level B

Course Aims

  • Learn essential words and structures which can be applied into the real world quickly
  • Practice making conversations in Mandarin on ten fundamental topics
  • Develop Mandarin listening abilities with longer paragraphs and conversations

Course Description

This is a higher beginner’s Mandarin Chinese course, designed for non-Chinese speakers, who have had some Mandarin lessons or instructions, to continue developing their listening and speaking abilities to carry on more sophisticated conversations in Mandarin.

Course Materials

Course Duration

32 class hours

How Does It Work

Mandarin Express Intro Level B is very interesting and highly relevant to daily lives, teaching students useful phrases and expressions which they can easily apply into the real world. The learning medium of this course is pinyin. Students are not required to learn any Chinese characters.

This course focuses on listening and speaking Mandarin, covering ten fundamental topics, such as, discussing jobs, introducing family members, describing houses and furnitures, planning leisure activities, talking about the weather, and so on. Important structures and essential words are introduced in a conversational context.

There are many imaginative and creative class activities in this Chinese course, which provide sufficient opportunities for students to speak Mandarin. Students are encouraged to use Mandarin as often as they can and to keep exchanges in English at its minimum. 

To develop students’ listening abilities quickly and effectively, highly controlled listening exercises in various forms are provided, which are essential in this course.

On completing the course, students are able to talk about their jobs, their families, their lives in general, and so on, comfortably.

Evaluation of Progress

A review chapter is in place for every five chapters. This is where learnings are consolidated and assessed. How well students complete the exercises in these review chapters demonstrate their progress.

Study Modes

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